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If you want, contact us  here  until our "Portal of Ideas" is ready to better serve you.

Welcome to FLOE Portal of Ideas.

We work to capture and promote the development of healthcare solutions and medical devices, to improve caring of patients throughout the world. We work with the development of innovative ideas on a global scale.

FLOE has a different structure to enable and primarily accomplish projects, new technologies and services. Highly qualified professionals in various areas comprising, medicine, engineering, design, law and finance work together on the development of projects into successful businesses.

Our policy is to approach the ideas in a consulting manner with all the support and a lot of energy to promote innovation in the healthcare market and bringing financial return to inventors.

We guarantee the protection of your ideas and confidentiality of all information. Intellectual property and information rights submitted to us, are fundamental pillars of our company. From the data collected, we provide all the necessary documentation and registration. Credibility is one of the core values ​​that underpin the procedures of FLOE. We are committed to protection and property rights.

Use the form below to share your thoughts. Our experts will carry out careful assessment in order to accomplish a feasibility study of new medical devices, services and other products.Share with us! The world needs your idea, and FLOE will work for your success!

Benefits of sharing your idea with FLOE because we want to encourage you to share it with us

• We will make all the effort to quickly make your idea available for the benefit of people;

• We will give all the support to make your idea become a real business;

• Your idea can be very valuable, and you'll surely get the financial return if it becomes feasible;​

• Your rights will be fully granted.

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