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Floe Corporation - consultoria de startups medicas e captação de venture capital

Floe Corporation was founded in 2014 by it´s physician partners and researchers Prof. Dr. Bernardo Lembo Conde de Paiva and Dr. Raphael Einsfeld Simões Ferreira. In addition to being specialists in scientific research, they also have experience in the hospital and pharmaceutical industry, thus providing broad knowledge of the healthcare market and its specific rules.

In 2015, after raising the first round of investments to start Floe's operations, they decided to give up their positions on the executive board of the Santa Paula Hospital in São Paulo to dedicate themselves exclusively to their dream - entrepreneurship.

Floe Corporation is a Research & Development (R & D) company whose purpose is to find and develop innovative solutions to improve healthcare worldwide. It has been creating, developing and operating medical devices projects with the intention to bring them to the investment stage and commercial development.

We create minimum viable products (MVPs), design clinical research in animal and human models, do regulatory submissions and elaborate proofs of concepts.

Floe's business model is focused on the research phase, and once the benefits of the products have been confirmed, the company sells or licenses the product's marketing rights to large players in the medical device market.

The catheter for selective brain cooling was the first product developed by the company. It is a catheter that promotes neuroprotection of patients with neurological lesions. The project began even before the birth of Floe. The pre-clinical tests, in pigs, were carried out in the doctoral thesis of Prof. Dr. Bernardo Lembo Conde de Paiva, one of the founding partners of the company. Following the success of the tests on pigs, Bernardo decided in 2014 to set up Floe along with his friend and current partner, Dr. Raphael Einsfeld Simões Ferreira. Right after the project received its first round of investment from angel investors of USD 500 K. After one year and a half, Floe has been conducting feasibility and safety studies, carried out in humans, at the Federal University of São Paulo - Paulista Medical School.

Currently Floe has 5 products of its own in its portfolio of development and 7 products designed by inventors interested in the improvement of the healthcare around the world.

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